Every industry I can think of has increased its rate of expansion and growth as tooling has become better. Cars were rarities until the assembly line was developed. Media didn’t exist without the printing press. SaaS (Software as a Service) has boomed with cloud infrastructure. It’s not that transportation, or information distribution, or SaaS weren’t possible without these innovations. It was that the supportive tooling and subsequent ecosystems catapulted them forward into the mainstream and made them viable at scale.

Web3 does not have this yet. Retail use of cryptocurrency, decentralized institutional finance, and tokenized assets will remain in their…

One of the novel parts of GYSR is the gamification of staking and yield farming in a Geyser. A project sets out a fixed number of rewards, and stakers have different ways to compete for and win a larger proportion of those rewards using different multiplier tactics. This could mean a multiplier from staking the relevant tokens for a long time period, it could mean using $GYSR to multiply awards when unstaking, or it could mean a combination of these two approaches.

From what we’ve heard, some people absolutely love the competitive aspect of farming. Others want something more hands…

We have been humbled by how much interest GYSR has gotten in the roughly three weeks since we went live. After launching on October 28th, it took less than a day for our project to break $20 million in total value locked, and that number peaked several days later at over $100 million TVL.

In the initial rush of excitement, the price of $GYSR went on a rollercoaster ride. There were seven days between when investors could start farming and when the $GYSR token became tradeable. When trading began, the token price exploded to $1000 per token after ten minutes…

We’ve been receiving a lot of great questions about the mechanics of how a Geyser unlocks rewards and when they’ll be available. Keep reading if you want to learn:

  1. What happens through staking and how you accrue a share in the pool
  2. What happens when you unstake and the consequences of unstaking at different time
  3. How to maximize your rewards based on your investing profile


Staking in a Geyser simply means you are placing an ERC20 token inside of the contract. You can stake once, you can stake twice, you can stake as many times as you’d like. …

GYSR was created with transparency and a community-first mentality as central tenets. How $GYSR will be distributed is a key part of that mindset and we’re excited to share our plans with all of you!

We are creating 10,000,000 $GYSR tokens, and we need a way to get them out into the world. Fortunately, GYSR is a fair, transparent, and configurable distribution tool … how lucky are we?!

I’m a borderline movie and TV addict.

I keep loose track of how much content I consume and last year I watched over 400 films and a couple hundred episodes of various shows. In case that doesn’t hit home, that’s more than one movie a day… Every day. For a year.

But since I’m a responsible adult with a job, a dog to take care of, and a body that needs to get outside once in a while, I’ve had to get creative about my viewing habits.

I realized that if I listened to my movies and shows while driving…

I get asked a lot how to apply for the Thiel Fellowship and it usually boils down to two questions:

  1. Do I need to have an idea?
  2. What are they looking for in their applicants?

The first one is pretty simple to answer and I’ll get it out of the way before getting into the nitty gritty of the rolling application cycle.

Do I need to have an idea?

The short answer is yes, but not in the way that you think. To completely understand what I mean by that, I’ll fill you in a bit on my journey.

I came into the Fellowship working on a…

We are all born with equal potential. It’s nurture that dictates our fates, especially in our formative years. How many people have never found their stride because opportunities didn’t align to enable their growth? I’d argue each and every one of us.

This is an introduction to an artificially created problem that has engrained itself in the American education system: The Intelligence Gap.

I’ll preface this by saying that I do agree with the notion that “not everyone can be or is special,” an argument coined during the Baby Boomer generation in order to foster a society of efficient workers…

Alex Koren

2014 Fellow at @ThielFellowship.

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